Hamish Mackay-Lewis


‘Insist on yourself; never imitate. Do that which is assigned to you and you cannot hope too much or dare too much.
— Ralph Wardo Emerson


Most of my work is done with nature, giving people the chance to access new wisdom and perspective in an environment that does not judge. To connect to nature is to connect to what is unique and essential within ourselves. Given enough time, and with the right support, we embrace what's important to us and we drop what isn’t. As we allow our true nature to emerge, a profound transformation unfolds. Only then can we play a meaningful and powerful role in this world.

My vision is for a more connected and conscious world; where we have more respect for each other and the natural environment we live with and live from. 

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There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.
— Russian Proverb
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leadership coaching

I do one to one coaching with leaders who want to lead their own lives. I work with people who feel held back by a strong sense that they are merely existing rather than living. They often feel disconnected, stressed, numb, confused about their situation, but know deep down they can change it. In the work we do together my clients finally wake up to their own sense of purpose and gain their confidence to begin leading themselves and others with greater authenticity and passion. 

I challenge my clients; I do not please them. I do not play the expert or give advice, but empower people to discover and then achieve what they want from life and business.

team & group coaching

I help to reveal and define the underlying dynamics, values, visions and motivations of a team so that it can lead in a more conscious way and ultimately become greater than the sum of it's parts. 

I also work with groups of leaders to harness the power of shared experience, balance perspectives and foster self acceptance. I facilitate discussions and activities that bring about the outcome they are collectively looking for.

Either of these can be in a workshop or retreat environment and are typically, but not necessarily, out in nature. In my experience the natural world  awakens people to powerful sources of insight and mental well being, and gives people the permission to say what they truly mean. Everyone walks away having cultivated their own reflective practice. 


I take people on transformative and empowering personal development experiences in wilderness areas around the world. I work both one to one and with groups. Stripped back to their simplest form these adventures are designed to expand people's perspectives by challenging them emotionally, mentally and physically. People have a renewed appreciation of what is possible, once they break free from the illusion of certainty and comfort. Technology is removed so that my clients can connect directly with themselves and the natural environment.  

There is no set process. Adventures are designed with the client and in accordance with what emerges from a wider programme of consistent and regular coaching sessions.





'I started seeing Hamish when my anxiety and lack of confidence was affecting my working and personal life. Since we began our coaching sessions I have noticed a big difference in how I react to uncomfortable situations, so much so that others have picked up on it. Hamish has been great at helping me find answers within myself. He was flexible in his approach. My sessions with Hamish were invaluable as they taught me what I valued and how to be kinder to myself.'

Kirsty, Consultant


'I was shown a different world, which I did not dare to believe in during my day to day life, but I could almost touch it when speaking to Hamish. He reminded me of who I am. He made me laugh at the absurdity of some of my self created reality and he taught me how to question hardened behavioural patterns resulting in a change of my approach towards them. He is very empathic and made me feel at ease in an instance. Our work has led me to a more balanced and "lighter" chapter in my life.' 

Corporate Lawyer


'Hamish is a leader with heart, passionate about helping people fulfill their potential. He is like the loudspeaker for the small, quiet voice inside of you that probably brought you to him in the first place. He will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and help you to clarify your vision and create a roadmap to your goals. For me, the coaching process itself has challenged me to be authentic and to start facing the barriers stopping me from living a life I love. I recommend Hamish to anybody who wants to make positive changes in their life.'



'Hamish began coaching me at a period of adversity in my life. While I have previously sought a little help in moving through this, the coaching has felt much more effective and been very transformative. The sessions have impacted positively in many areas of my life. Most importantly, they have given me confidence and self belief and have made me see how achieving anything is possible; whether it be overcoming fear or daring to take action towards a desired career path. People have commented on how strong I am and I can only credit the exceptional and outstanding level of this coaching. I feel happy and inspired for the first time in a long time and excited about beginning the next chapter of my life!'

A client wishing to remain anonymous


‘Hamish is a remarkable coach. His professional, committed and empathetic approach make him easy to immediately connect and work with. He blends theory and applied practice in his coaching; which has helped me better understand complex and challenging situations and to craft impactful solutions. Throughout our coaching, he stretched me to better understand my personal leadership qualities and style.  After working with Hamish, I feel empowered to deal and respond to a host of challenging scenarios. I now have a much richer and deeper sense of my leadership and management approach.’

Ross Neilson, Managing Director of a Charity


'I came to Hamish lacking in confidence in my own ability. Over a short space of time, Hamish transformed the way that I approached situations that I had previously struggled with, enabling me to greatly improve my day to day work. The sessions that I have had have been invaluable and have given me the tools that I need to continue to improve.'

Tom Lamb, Management Consultant


'Hamish’s coaching has really made a positive impact on my life – it was an amazing experience.  Initially, I was nervous about evaluating what was important to me but Hamish’s friendly and approachable manner made me feel relaxed and comfortable to open up.  I thoroughly enjoyed exploring what it is I truly want to achieve in life and feel a lot more confident in the next stages of my journey.'

Zillah Bell, Sales Manager

The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.
— Rick Ridgeway




I bring a broad range of life experiences to my coaching; I have had a varied and international career to date. I have worked with individuals from all walks of life in high stress environments, not least in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Following seven years in the armed forces, I completed an MBA at IE in Madrid and helped establish a learning program for young disadvantaged people in South Africa. I then led businesses with a mission to bring affordable, quality healthcare and education to emerging Asian markets. This fired my passion for leadership development, and I have now worked with a range of UK businesses to assess and develop leaders and executive teams towards high performance.

Working with individuals under extreme pressure in the most challenging circumstances, I have built an understanding of what really motivates and influences people. I passionately believe that the greatest investment people can make in their lives is towards self-growth.

I am an MBA Graduate of IE, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner, a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, an Eco-Psychology Practitioner and I have British Psychological Society levels A & B Certificates in Psychometric Testing. 



Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose
— Victor Frankl


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